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March 13
It Is All About Interactions
reginedennis.jpgWhen Regine Kahmann became president of IS-MPMI in July 2016 in Portland, she emphasized that the IS-MPMI Society would benefit from continuing to build on its dynamic and active community—not just with respect to supporting great science and making sure that we have stimulating and exciting meetings every two years—but with regard to its members and transmitting our knowledge to other scientists and the public. Such activities in the past were in part channeled through the IS-MPMI Reporter. In 2014, the print version of the IS-MPMI Reporter was discontinued and IS-MPMI news has since reached you through the Interactions online site.
After a productive term leading IS-MPMI Interactions, Brad Day stepped down from his responsibilities as Editor-in-Chief last year. Following the IS-MPMI Congress in Portland, Dennis Halterman (USDA/ARS, Madison, WI) contacted the IS-MPMI Board of Directors and offered to volunteer his time as the new Interactions EIC. Dennis officially assumed the duties in February of this year. To support Dennis in this undertaking and to provide valuable insights into the IS-MPMI community, he is joined by a team of senior scientists whom Regine recruited because they are close to retirement or have recently retired, have smaller research groups and hopefully fewer responsibilities and have not just more time but also tremendous amounts of accumulated knowledge which they are willing to give back to our community. This team currently includes: Drs. Paola Bonfante (Università di Torino, Italy), Alan Collmer (Cornell University, USA), Allan Downie (John Innes Center, UK), Dan Klessig (Cornell University, USA) and Fred Ausubel (Harvard Medical School, USA). This group of scientists should not be static, so if you have some great ideas for our society and would like to participate, please let us know.
Our goal over the coming year is to not only continue to make the Interactions site an interesting and effective resource for our members, but to add new content that will provide a mix of social and professional interaction among members. We realize that the long-term success of Interactions will rely heavily on member participation. It’s apparent that IS-MPMI members are among the most brilliant, captivating, and talented people that science has to offer (yes, we’re trying to flatter you a bit).  For these reasons, we have little doubt that there are interesting and provocative ideas, comments, and observations within our community just waiting to be shared. Our hope is to make Interactions an accommodating forum for members to share views on “hot topics”, anecdotal stories about research findings published in the MPMI journal, or science-related events within the community. In addition, we anticipate that it will be a valuable resource in particular for our young members who are searching for jobs, finding knowledgeable collaborators, and learning new techniques. In the coming months you may get email requests for your participation in special Interactions topics. We ask that you seriously consider participating in these opportunities and spend some time thinking about how we can make the IS-MPMI community a showcase for effective communication, collaboration, and cooperation.
We hope you will like some of our ideas and engage in the dialogue initiated in Interactions. Please continue to check the Interactions website for new content and opportunities to interact with other members.
Regine Kahmann                Dennis Halterman
President, IS-MPMI            Editor-in-Chief, Interactions
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