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June 13
IS-MPMI Interactions • Issue 1 • 2017

Welcome to the New Interactions

Welcome to the new IS-MPMI Interactions issue format! This enhanced publication, updated quarterly, will provide members with a glimpse of topic research developments, current events, opinions, and career opportunities.

Get to Know the IS-MPMI Interactions Advisory Team

Learn more about the Advisory Team behind the new format IS-MPMI Interactions.

InterViews: Sophien Kamoun

This InterView with Sophien Kamoun, John Innes Centre, was performed by one of the 2016 IS-MPMI student travel awardees, Jixiang Kong, Gregor Mendel Institute.

Using Scoop.it to Share Science Related to Your Interests

IS-MPMI members are using a tool called “Scoop.it” (www.scoop.it) to organize and share recent papers related to their research. In this article, learn how to get started setting up and using your own Scoop.it account.

InterMurals - Oliver Ellingham

Oliver Ellingham, University of Reading, identifying powdery mildew fungus growing on apple trees. Using newly identified molecular markers Oliver has improved the identification accuracy of hundreds of powdery mildew species.

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