Concurrent Session Topics

The programme for the MPMI 2019 meeting is starting to take shape. The local organising committee are planning a vibrant meeting including the following sessions:


  • Apoplastic interactions
  • Cell Biology of Host-microbe interactions
  • Comparative mutualist and pathogen studies
  • Emerging and Re-emerging systems
  • Emerging Topics in Plant-Microbe Interactions
  • Host-Microbe Co-evolution
  • How the environment impacts microbial infection
  • Invertebrate (nematode/insect)-plant interactions
  • Long-distance/systemic signalling
  • Microbial Manipulation of the Host
  • Microbiome and Phytobiome
  • Molecular recognition in Plant Immunity
  • Population Biology (Ecology, Genomics)
  • Post-translational modifications and their control of immunity
  • Symbiosis & Mutualism
  • Systems biology and modelling plant-microbe interactions
  • The role of organelles and interorganellular communication
  • The roles of extracellular vesicles in intercellular and interkingdom communication
  • Translational Research: developing world needs