X International Congress on MPMI

July 10-15, 2001 • Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Over 1,000 Attend IS-MPMI Meeting in Madison!

Members of IS-MPMI won’t be surprised to hear that the recent meeting in Madison, like our previous meetings, was a roaring success. Over 1,000 attendees from more than 40 countries enjoyed a week of scintillating science, wonderful weather, and abundant beer in marvelous Madison, Wisconsin. The proximity of the meeting hall to Lake Mendota and the surrounding terraces of the Union contributed greatly to the atmosphere.

All of our appreciation and thanks goes to Sally Leong, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, and Andrew Bent, Associate Chair, for their huge efforts. Thanks also to the members of the Local Committee - Paul Ahlquist, Caitilyn Allen, John Andrews, Frederick Blattner, Tom German, Robert Goodman, Jo Handelsman, John Helgeson, Eric Tripplet, and Chris Upper, all of the University of Wisconsin. Thanks also to out-going IS-MPMI President Jan Leach, and good luck to the new president, Ben Lugtenberg.

Sally Leong would like to extend special thanks not only to the Local and International Organizing Committees but also to the speakers and chairs for  presenting outstanding science. Carol Grabins and her staff at the UW Memorial Union did many of the local arrangements and handled the abstract submission service. Maureen Sundell and her staff at the UW Extension Conference Planning did the booking of the facilities and tours, registration, and accounting. Glenn Heckard at the printing house did a nice job on the abstract book and Irene Golembiewski on the graphics for brochures, signs, t-shirts and the abstract book. Wendy Beckman  deserves the credit for a user-friendly, well-designed conference web site. Finally, Sally would like to thank all of the local farmers who provided such good ingredients for the meals we ate at the union, Julie Etheridge and her staff for their willingness to prepare this food, and Janet Parker for serving as a liaison between the farmers and Julie.

The next International Congress is scheduled to be in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2003. Professor Igor Tikhonovic will be the Chairperson of the Local Organizing Committee. Stay tuned for details. The Congress is still considering locations for the 2005 meeting (see the Summary of the Minutes of the IS-MPMI Board of Directors for details about this and other issues of interest to Society members).If anyone would like copies (electronic) of the pictures, please email walton@msu.edu. Thanks again to all the organizers, attendees, speakers, and poster presenters for making IS-MPMI a thriving scientific organization.