​​Call for Papers!

Effectors at the Interface of Plant-Microbe Interactions

An MPMI Focus Issue​​

Submission deadline: September 2023

Focus Issue editors: Melania Figueroa, Gitta Coaker, and Kostya Kanyuka

Effectors are central to determine the complex and dynamic interaction between plants and microbes. Whether those interactions result in the establishment of a beneficial or negative interaction, effectors are at the interface of any plant-microbe interaction.

Despite their role as mediators of plant microbe interactions, gaining a full understanding of the biology and evolution of these intriguing molecules has been a challenging task. This focus issue presents the latest developments in the study of microbial effector biology and evolution in context of plant immunity across diverse systems. As the scientific community seeks to respond to global challenges in agriculture and food production, we highlight potential solutions and technology emerging from research in microbial effectors.

We invite research and review articles that explore the complex role of effectors in molecular plant-microbe interactions. Articles highlighting translational research as well as fundamental understanding are welcome. We look forward to assembling an issue that highlights the excellent research in this area!

Benefits to Authors

A Focus Issue offers authors several benefits. A single-topic issue gives scientists an opportunity to publish alongside the related work of peers to highlight progress in a focal area. The “Effectors at the Interface of Plant-Microbe Interactions” MPMI focus issue will be widely promoted and is expected to be highly cited, giving authors maximum exposure.

Articles will be submitted to Crossref, allowing citation tracking and connectivity as this research area moves forward in MPMI and other scientific journals. MPMI is indexed by PubMed, Web of Science, AGRICOLA, and Scopus, and all content is gold open access for readers.

If you are working on research described herein, submit your manuscript to MPMI and select “Focus Issue” as the article type. Please also indicate in your cover letter that you would like your manuscript to be considered for the 2024 Focus Issue.

For more information about the scope of this issue, please contact Tim FriesenMPMI Editor-in-Chief.