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 Upcoming Live Events

The 12th Japan-US Seminar in Plant Pathology: Remodeling of the plant-microbe environment during disease, defense, and mutualism
8/28/2022 - 9/2/2022
The Japan-US Seminar in Plant Pathology aims to encourage dialogue and collaboration among researchers of molecular plant-biotic interactions. The 12th Seminar will focus on the remodeling of the environment that occurs at the interface of plant-microbe interactions
Contact: Adam Bogdanove

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IS-MPMI Event2022 Early Career Showcase Part 2
9/20/2022 - 9/21/2022

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Copenhagen Bioscience Conference: Plant-microbe Interactions
11/13/2022 - 11/17/2022
This conference will focus on plant-microbe interactions for enhanced crop resilience by exploring the fundamental mechanisms that shape plant-microbe community assembly, spatio-temporal control of community composition, and function of the communities within/on plant tissues and in complex soil systems.
Contact: Marianne Qvistgaard Jepps

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IS-MPMI Event2023 IS-MPMI Congress
7/16/2023 - 7/20/2023