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Computational Structural Genomics Unravels Common Folds and Novel Families in the Secretome of Fungal Phytopathogen Magnaporthe oryzae

Recent breakthroughs in protein structure modeling demonstrate the ability to predict protein folds without depending on homologous templates. In their study, Seong and Krasileva employed structure prediction methods on the secretome of the destructive fungal pathogen Magnaporthe oryzae. Out of 1,854 secreted proteins, they predicted the folds of 1,295 proteins (70%).

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What's New in MPMI with Soledad Sacristán​​

Soledad Sacristán will discuss Top 10 Question #9 "How Do Pathogens Evolve Novel Virulence Activities?,​" published in the fully open access MPMI journal. 



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The MPMI Guide to Writing a Successful Research Paper

In a work environment ruled by the "publish or perish" principle, researchers are constantly looking to publish more research in prestigious journals. However, throughout our scientific careers, we are all chased by the ghost of journal rejection. The MPMI senior editors discuss some of the points they consider fundamental for writing an outstanding scientific paper and getting it accepted. Photo: Nick Morrison on Unsplash​​

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