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The Global Transcription Regulator XooClp Governs Type IV Pili System-Mediated Bacterial Virulence by Directly Binding to TFP-Chp Promoters to Coordinate Virulence Associated Functions

Research from Raj Kumar Verma et al. elucidates the intricate regulatory network encompassing Clp, environmental cues, and the TFP-Chp system, providing insights into the molecular mechanisms that drive bacterial virulence in Xanthomonas spp. These findings offer valuable knowledge regarding Xanthomonas pathogenicity and present new avenues for innovative strategies aimed at combating plant diseases caused by these bacteria.

Read Siva Sankari and Amelia Lovelace’s comment​​ary about this Editor’s Pick. ​

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Building a Career in Academia – Dr. David Thoms

How do you build a career in academia? In this episode, you will be hearing from Dr. David Thoms on his experience with diversity in academia as a junior professor, the importance of mentorship and peer support, and the ongoing journey in overcoming self-doubt.

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InterDisciplines: 2023 Future Science Prize in Life Sciences Awarded to Dr. Jijie Chai and Dr. Jian-Min Zhou

​Congratulations to Dr. Jijie Chai and Dr. Jian-Min Zhou, winners of the 2023 Future Science Prize in Life Sciences in China! Dr. Chai and Dr. Zhou won this prestigious award for their discovery of resistosomes and were recently honored at a ceremony in China.​

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