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Introducing the 2021 IS-MPMI Congress: eSymposia Series

IS-MPMI is excited to announ​ce the 2021 Congress: eSymposia Series, which will take place online with a series of three separate ev​ents st​arting this summer! Registration is now Open! Stay tuned for more details about this opportunity to share your research and network with colleagues​ at this virtual scientific event.

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IS-MPMI Congress: eSymposia Series Offers Wonder Networking Platform!

Wonder is a fabulously interactive tool that gives you the virtual ability to "walk around" and network with other attendees during 2021 IS-MPMI Congress: eSymposia Series events. It's a new way to network! Look for networking times in the schedule and be sure to add them to your agenda.

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MPMI Editor's Pick

The Natural Antisense Transcript DONE40 Derived from the lncRNA ENOD40 Locus Interacts with SET Domain Protein ASHR3 During Inception of Symbiosis in Arachis hypogaea​

The long noncoding RNA ENOD40 is required for cortical cell division during root nodule symbiosis (RNS) of legumes, though it is not essential for actinorhizal RNS. Ganguly et al. set out to understand whether ENOD40 was required for aeschynomenoid nodule formation in Arachis hypogaea. Their findings indicate the importance of ENOD40 in A. hypogaea.

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The MPMI Guide to Writing a Successful Research Paper

In a work environment ruled by the "publish or perish" principle, researchers are constantly looking to publish more research in prestigious journals. However, throughout our scientific careers, we are all chased by the ghost of journal rejection. The MPMI senior editors discuss some of the points they consider fundamental for writing an outstanding scientific paper and getting it accepted. Photo: Nick Morrison on Unsplash​​

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