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The Zymoseptoria tritici Avirulence Factor AvrStb6 Accumulates in Hyphae Close to Stomata and Triggers a Wheat Defense Response Hindering Fungal Penetration

In the May MPMI Editor's Pick, Julien Alassimone et al. shed light on gene-for-gene resistance mechanisms in the wheat-Zymoseptoria tritici pathosystem. Read the commentary by Manish Tiwari on this Editor's Pick. Catch up on Editor's Picks from January and April and the H. H. Flor Review from February.

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Join Us for the 2025 IS-MPMI Congress!

​​Save the date and plan to join us 13–17 July, 2025, at the Confex Conference and Exhibition Centre in Cologne, Germany, for cutting-edge research, sessions, and discussions on molecular plant-microbe interactions. Stay tuned for more information! ​
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NAS Inductees and Royal Society Fellows Named​

​Congratulations to 2024 U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) inductees Savithramma P. Dinesh-Kumar and Richard Michelmore and to Maria Harrison, who was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

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Building a Career in Academia – Dr. David Thoms

How do you build a career in academia? In this episode, you will be hearing from Dr. David Thoms on his experience with diversity in academia as a junior professor, the importance of mentorship and peer support, and the ongoing journey in overcoming self-doubt.

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Call for Papers!

Publish in the MPMI Focus Issue on Fine Grain

The 2025 MPMI Focus Issue on Fine Grain will draw together reviews and original research papers on contemporary developments in understanding staple cereal crops and their pathogens. Submit your manuscript by September 30, 2024.

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InterFaces: Spotlight on Early-Career Researchers: Danielle Stevens and Alba Moreno Perez

Join us for the first in our series highlighting early-career scientists and their recent discoveries. Graduate student Danielle Stevens and postdoctoral scientist Dr. Alba Moreno Pérez from the Coaker lab at UC Davis answer questions about their advice for choosing and navigating graduate school and their scientific inspirations. Learn about their paper on the natural variation of immune epitopes recently published in PNAS.

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