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Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (MPMI) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes significant primary research and reviews on the molecular biology and genetics of pathological, symbiotic and associative interactions between microbes and plants. MPMI gives you the best and most accurate information for your work with opportunities for members to publish research in MPMI​ at discounted rates and gain recognition among your peers. With MPMI's First Look feature, your paper is also published online within a few days of acceptance!


Contribute to a growing scientific community

Join more than 1,000 fellow scientists at the biennial International Congress​ on molecular plant-microbe interactions ​— the premier event for IS-MPMI members. Connect to peers in our field from around the world, present your research, and learn about trending topics from microbial pathogenesis to symbiosis and everything in between.​ Members receive reduced registration rates to attend our Congress events.

Stay informed on society news and happenings

Hear the latest news from IS-MPMI members and the MPMI community in Interac​tions and News Capsules. These news sources deliver job postings, in-depth articles on members’ research projects, MPMI Editor's Picks, updates on our IS-MPMI International Congress, and society updates from our IS-MPMI president.


Collaborate all around the world

Contact international colleagues through a quick and easy search in our online member-only directory​ and reach out to other IS-MPMI members to collaborate on research projects, network, and stay in touch.​

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