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Jun 16
IS-MPMI Interactions - Issue 2, 2020
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MPMI Interactions Issue 2 - 2020
Urooj Fatima
Two New Junior Members Join the
Board of Directors
To include the viewpoints of members-in-training in society decision making and congress planning, the IS-MPMI Board of Directors has added two junior members. We are pleased to welcome Charles Roussin-Léveillée and Patricia Baldrich to the board!
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Also in this issue...
Kahmann's election as Foreign Member of the Royal Society constitutes recognition of her outstanding scientific achievements.
Oldroyd has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to science in plant-microbe interactions with his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society.
Valent has earned membership in the prestigious U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the country's leading authority on science and technology. 
The journals are looking for creative individuals who have innovative communication skills and are eager to volunteer to engage with both the scientific and nonscientific communities as assistant feature editors.
This series is designed to serve as an important venue for young scientists to share new work, as other opportunities to do so have dwindled.  
Agtuca, a graduate student in the lab of Gary Stacey at the University of Missouri and first author of “In-Situ Metabolomic Analysis of Setaria viridis Roots Colonized by Beneficial Endophytic Bacteria,” shares a great story about how collaboration can not only lead to great research but also to lasting friendships.
Lewis provides background on work done with first author Yuan Chen on “Comparative Genomics Screen Identifies Microbe-Associated Molecular Patterns from ‘Candidatus Liberibacter’ spp. That Elicit Immune Responses in Plants” and shares how collaboration with and feedback from colleagues can help bring together a project.
First author Neubauer shares a summary of how his project “Arabidopsis EDR1 Protein Kinase Regulates the Association of EDS1 and PAD4 to Inhibit Cell Death” developed and also talks about the trials and tribulations that eventually led to publication of his graduate studies while working in the lab of Roger Innes at Indiana University.
  • IS-MPMI Stands Against Injustice 
IS-MPMI President Mary Beth Mudgett addresses the social unrest from the systemic racism that has been plaguing our society for all of the years of its existence. Read the full statement.
We are always looking for content for Interactions. Please contact Interactions Editor-in-Chief Dennis Halterman with questions or article ideas.
IS-MPMI Interactions is a benefit of your IS-MPMI membership. Thank you for your continued support!
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