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Dec 21
Issue 4 • 2021
To identify the RB CC domain that does not interact with IPI-O4, Hari Karki et al. explored natural variations in the RB CC domain from different Solanaceae species. The study provides a clue about engineering new variants of known R genes that can further expand the resistance spectrum.
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Also in this issue...
In recently published research, Maria Laura Malvino et al. studied Xanthomonas bacteria and how they have evolved to evade recognition by host plants. They found some Xanthomonas species demonstrated a responsive memory, supporting previous work showing that bacteria deploy different strategies to improve their long-term fitness under fluctuating environmental conditions.
Compared to their gram-negative peers, actinobacterial pathogens are greatly understudied, in part due to the limited number of genetic and biochemical tools. Work recently published in MPMI by Danielle Stevens et al. highlights new genetic tools adapted and developed for Clavibacter with potential application in orphan systems.
This project explored the development and pathogenesis of an understudied phytopathogen, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Although forward genetic approaches are often utilized to screen for mutants after random mutagenesis, Yan Xu et al. had to devise their own protocol for successful targeted gene disruption. Overcoming several obstacles, they created a forward genetic pipeline for studying a nonmodel fungal species.
IS-MPMI is looking forward to the new year and four new virtual seminars! This series is freely available to all. Register today!
Abstracts from the July 12–13 and September 15–16 IS-MPMI eSymposia Series are now available in MPMI. This is a great opportunity to learn about the emerging science presented at the 2021 IS-MPMI online meeting.
Associate Professor of Molecular Virology Hernán García-Ruiz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, discusses how the Top 10 Unanswered Questions in MPMI are used to inspire students in his introductory graduate-level course.
ROOT & SHOOT is seeking organizations, individuals, or sets of individuals (partnerships) to work with them to achieve their goals for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility within their organizations and the community.
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