​​Call for Papers!

Fine Grain: Molecular, Cellular and Genomic Details of Cereal Crop Diseases

An MPMI Focus Issue​​

Submission deadline: September 1, 2024

Focus Issue editors: L​ida Derevnina, Ksenia Krasileva, Benjamin Schwessinger, and Richard Wilson

Despite recent advances in molecular tools and genome sequencing, cereal crop diseases remain a significant challenge to global food security. Yield losses each year from fungi, bacteria, oomycete, viruses, and nematodes need substantial economic investment and impact the world’s poorest populations disproportionately. Climate change exacerbates the problem, altering pathogen ranges to allow the spread of existing plant diseases into new growing areas while facilitating the emergence of new pathogenic strains. Global trade compounds the challenge of pathogen spread. Thus, there is a pressing need for a detailed understanding of the biology of cereal crop diseases with an expectation that this will identify plant strengths or pathogen weaknesses that can be exploited to safeguard grain sources.

In this MPMI Focus Issue, we seek to draw together, through reviews and original research articles, the contemporary developments in understanding staple cereal crops and their pathogens. We encourage papers focused on either pathogen or host biology (or both). Investigations should be at the molecular, cellular and/ or genomic level, and may include studies of effector function and evolution, plant receptors and pathogen physiology as well as signal transduction. However, both the topic and pathosystem of study are deliberately intended to be broad in order to best capture this important field of study. Our goal is that this issue will highlight potential solutions and significant breakthroughs in cereal crop disease research, as well as identify important knowledge gaps, that will guide future studies and ultimately foster the implementation of meaningful management practices.

Benefits to Authors

A focus issue offers authors several benefits. A single-topic issue gives scientists an opportunity to publish alongside the related work of peers to highlight progress in a focal area. This MPMI focus issue will be widely promoted and is expected to be highly cited, giving authors maximum exposure.

Articles will be submitted to Crossref, allowing citation tracking and connectivity as this research area moves forward in MPMI and other scientific journals. MPMI is indexed by PubMed, Web of Science, AGRICOLA, and Scopus, and all content is open access for readers. MPMI is approved by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and meets gold open access grant funding requirements.

We look forward to receiving exciting research and perspective articles at the forefront of molecular cereal crop disease research.​

​For more information about the scope of this issue, please contact Tim FriesenMPMI Editor-in-Chief.