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Dec 21
IS-MPMI Welcomes Timothy Friesen as Incoming Editor-in-Chief of MPMI

With the start of 2023 comes new year's resolutions…and editorial board transitions. On January 1, 2023, outgoing MPMI Editor-in-Chief Jeanne Harris will hand over the proverbial reins to USDA-ARS researcher Timothy Friesen, whose long-standing involvement with MPMI makes him uniquely qualified for the role of editor-in-chief.

Friesen has been involved with MPMI at all stages of publication as a reviewer, author, associate editor, and senior editor. "I believe strongly in supporting society journals, and MPMI is one of my favorite journals," he remarked, "and therefore, I can't imagine a better way to serve the IS-MPMI research community than by being editor-in-chief."

There is much to anticipate during Friesen's term. To boost the visibility of MPMI and maintain its status as the premier journal for plant–microbe interactions, Friesen and his editorial board plan to add new article categories, including the H.H. Flor Distinguished Review series. These will be invited reviews written by scientists who have made significant scientific contributions in an area involving plant–microbe interactions.

They also intend to add Interactions Reviews, which will provide current reviews written about important plant–microbe interactions. According to Friesen, "Both review categories will bring visibility to MPMI and will be highly useful to young researchers, as well as scientists interested in gaining insight into new areas of research."

Lastly, they will implement Commentaries on selected articles published in MPMI, highlighting exceptional work.

Friesen is thrilled to utilize his passion for, and knowledge of, scientific publications as editor-in-chief of MPMI. "A scientist's goal is always the publication of their work, and with each publication, filling a gap in scientific understanding. Regardless of whether this is a small or large piece of the scientific puzzle, it is always satisfying to put a complete story together and polish it for publication," Friesen said. He looks forward to overseeing this process and working with his editorial board to provide the best possible author and reviewer experience.​

Learn More About Timothy Friesen

Dr. Friesen received his Ph.D. degree in plant pathology from North Dakota State University in 2001 and then joined the USDA-ARS later that year as an ARS post-doc working in the Sugar Beet and Potato Research Unit in Fargo, ND. In 2002, he accepted a research plant pathologist position in the Cereal Crops Research Unit, Red River Valley Agricultural Research Center in Fargo, ND. Dr. Friesen's research program focuses on the genetics and molecular biology of virulence associated with foliar pathogens of wheat and barley, concentrating on how pathogens interact with their respective host plants. Examples of research highlights include the cloning and validation of pathogen-produced effector genes involved in host–pathogen interactions and the functional characterization of how necrotrophic pathogens use necrotrophic effectors in virulence.

IS-MPMI and MPMI sincerely thank Jeanne Harris for her enthusiastic dedication to and leadership of MPMI. During her term, Harris guided the publicat​ion of highly successful articles and focus issues. She also oversaw pivotal changes to the journal, including

Harris plans to stay involved with MPMI as coordinator and host of What's New in MPMI! Virtual Seminars.​

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