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Mar 21
Register for a Free Virtual Seminar on Disease Resistance in Potato

On May 9, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. CT, Adam Heuberger and Janak Joshi will present Protease Inhibitors from Solanum chacoense Inhibit Pectobacterium Virulence by Reducing Bacterial Protease Activity and Motility—an MPMI Editor's Pick that investigates how wild potato from South America can tolerate Pectobacterium-caused diseases.

They revealed in a previous study that wild potato produces virulence-reducing metabolites. In the authors' latest research, they compared the protein profiles of wild and domestic potato, discovering protease inhibitors that also prevent bacterial malignance.

Heuberger comments, "Our finding is the second resistance mechanism we observe in Solanum chacoense M6. This supports the idea that wild plant species have evolved with multiple resistance factors, or their own 'pyramid' of traits, that can be translated into our food and ornamental plant industries."

Hear the authors talk more about this discovery and their goals to breed a generation of potato varieties that resists pathogens durably and independently. Register for the free virtual seminar today!​

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