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Mar 21
Now Expanded—The Parameters for Publication in MPMI

To bot​h refine and broaden the mission of MPMI, Editor-in-Chief Tim Friesen and his editorial board have revised the journal's overview, scope, and newly acceptable content.

New Overview

Molecular Plant–Microbe Interactions (MPMI) publishes peer-reviewed fundamental and advanced applied research on the genetics, genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and biophysics of pathological, symbiotic, and associative interactions of microbes, insects, nematodes, or parasitic plants with plants.

New Scope

MPMI publishes cutting-edge research that investigates the molecular mechanisms of plant interactions with other organisms, including pathogens, pests, and beneficial microbes. The journal communicates novel findings that significantly advance our molecular and cellular understanding of these plant-associated interactions.​

New Acceptable Content for MPMI

  • Molecular and cell biological analysis of relevant factors involving the plant-associated organism or the plant alone or molecular analysis of components that affect or modulate plant–microbe interaction
  • Genetic analysis (fundamental or applied) that advances knowledge of plant and/or plant-associated organism interactions
  • Molecular evolution and molecular ecology of interactions between plants and other organisms
  • Comparative genomics of organisms associated with a plant–microbe interaction
  • Research addressing molecular aspects of symbiotic and associative relationships with plants
  • Spatial and temporal analyses of the cell biology of plant–microbe interactions, including studies focused on light and/or electron microscopy
  • Technical advances (methodological), if they report important novel advances in technology for studying the molecular aspects of plant–microbe interactions mentioned above

Consider submitting your next paper to MPMI, the official journal of IS-MPMI. IS-MPMI members receive a discount to publish in MPMI. Beyond gold open access publication, MPMI offers virtual presentation opportunities and an official podcast, Microgreens, to enhance reader engagement worldwide. The journal's association with two scientific societies (MPMI is also a member journal of The American Phytopathological Society) results in dual marketing efforts, which exposes your work to a wider audience.

If you are unsure whether your manuscript is appropriate for MPMI, you are encouraged to submit a presubmission inquiry to Editor-in-Chief Tim Friesen describing the significance of your findings.

View information for authors here.
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