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Sep 12
InterView: Yong-Hwan Lee
Yong-Hwan Lee
Seoul National University
  1. What area(s) of molecular plant-microbe interactions do you feel your research has impacted most?
    My research group has been undertaking comprehensive and integrative approaches to understand the molecular and genomic basis of fungal pathogenesis in the rice blast fungus. We also developed a powerful bioinformatics platform for comparative and evolutionary fungal genomics.
  2. What advice do you have for young scientists aspiring to achieve the level of science that has major impact?
    Be confident and passionate! I also like to recommend to understand the complex and subtle nature of pathogenesis by combining wet lab and bioinformatics approaches as a comparative interface biology.
  3. When you were a post-doc, what had the largest influence on your decision to enter your specific research area in your permanent position? Was this a “hot topic” at the time, or did you choose to go in a different direction?
    To understand the fundamental principles/topics on fungal infection mechanism, I chose the rice blast fungus as a model pathogen and tried to adapt cutting-edge technologies. This led to the discovery that cAMP acts as a crucial second messenger in stimulating the infection process (1993).
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