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Sep 12
IS-MPMI Interactions • Issue 2 • 2017
Issue 2 features an InterView with Pamela C. Ronald, of the University of California, by Gazala Ameen, a student travel awardee from North Dakota State University. Also read recaps of the Plant Biotic Interactions Workshop and the APS Annual Meeting. Several IS-MPMI members received awards at the annual meeting and are interviewed in this issue. All of this and more in issue 2!

Featured InterViews: Pamela C. Ronald

This InterView with Pamela C. Ronald, University of California, was performed by one of the 2016 IS-MPMI student travel awardees, Gazala Ameen, North Dakota State University.

Fat Cats Can Jump Over The Wall: Plant Biotic Interactions Workshop in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

Read a recap of key findings presented at the Plant Biotic Interaction Workshop in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China.

A Recap of the 2017 APS Annual Meeting

Learn about the MPMI aspects and takeaways from The American Phytopathological Society's Annual Meeting.

InterViews with Award Winners


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