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Sep 11
Interactions Issue 3, 2020
2020-Q9 IS-MPMI Interactions Issue 3 (copy)
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MPMI Interactions Issue 2 - 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought unprecedented disruptions in our lives. IS-MPMIConnect is a new, virtual platform that will help us promote interactions between members, strengthen our collaboration, improve dialogue, and develop a stronger network.

Also in this issue...
First author Laura Bacete, a former graduate student in the lab of Antonio Molina and current postdoc at the Institute for Biology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, details the journey to discovering how plant cell-wall composition plays a role in disease resistance.
Corresponding authors Dawei Xin and Qingshan Chen, Northeast Agricultural University in Harbin, China, describe their study, which was designed to identify the mechanism regulating the establishment of symbiosis in soybean, enabling it to fix nitrogen from the air.
Li-Na Yang and co-authors explore the role of intrinsic disorder in the development of pathogenicity in the RXLR AVR2 effector of Phytophthora infestans. Their results support the notion that intrinsic disorder is important for the effector function of pathogens.
With the gold open access launch in January 2021, the MPMI journal will become more accessible than ever and can serve as a community meeting place for all. Jeanne Harris, MPMI editor-in-chief, envisions the journal as a place to tackle the big questions in molecular plant–microbe interactions.
The What’s New in MPMI! virtual seminar series provides new ways for the IS-MPMI community to connect and for MPMI to engage with readers and authors. The interaction is outside the regular publication cycle and is much more personal, giving readers and listeners the chance to directly interact with the authors.
With many conferences and regular seminar series cancelled, and many courses being held remotely, the MPMI virtual seminar series, What’s New in MPMI!, is being used by teachers looking for scientific seminars for their students or additional content for a course.
We are always looking for content for Interactions. Please contact Interactions Editor-in-Chief Dennis Halterman with questions or article ideas.

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