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Dec 15
What Does It Mean to Practice Inclusion in Science?

I realized the world is mine. I can do whatever I want. But I still experience intimidation and fear being in a scientific field because communication is not accessible in that context. And so, I was deciding whether I should pursue my education in biochemistry or in another field, and someone said to me, 'Go forth with your education in whatever field you want.'

—Dr. Amie Fornah Sankoh

In a new episode of Microgreens, the MPMI journal podcast, Dr. Tiff Mak and Dr. Dominique Holtappels interview Dr. Amie Fornah Sankoh, who highlights the importance of mentorship and disability justice in science. Amie shares her journey to becoming the first deaf, black woman to receive a doctorate in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) discipline in the United States.

A full transcript to the audio recording of the interview can be found here. A video version of the recording will be released later for audiences to experience and engage with Amie through sign language.​

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