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Mar 19
2024​ - ISSUE 1
Issue 1 • 2024
The IS-MPMI Board of Directors recently reviewed and amended the IS-MPMI Bylaws. IS-MPMI voting members are being asked to ratify the amended bylaws. An electronic ballot was emailed in early March to members. Voting is open through March 25, 2024.
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Did you know?
Join us at the IS-MPMI Congress, July 13–17, 2025, at the Confex Conference and Exhibition Centre in Cologne, Germany, for groundbreaking research, sessions, and dialogues on molecular plant-microbe interactions.
The 2025 MPMI Focus Issue on Fine Grain will draw together reviews and original research papers on contemporary developments in understanding staple cereal crops and their pathogens. Submit your manuscript by September 30, 2024.
Recordings of presentations given at the 2023 IS-MPMI Congress are available to all members and those who registered to attend the congress. Explore what you missed!
Root & Shoot Is Leading Cultural Change in Plant Science through Professional Societies
IS-MPMI is part of Root & Shoot, a Research Coordination Network (RCN) leading cultural change in plant science, with the aim of creating a culture of support. Learn more about Root & Shoot and available opportunities.
InterDisciplines: 2023 Future Science Prize in Life Sciences Awarded to Dr. Jijie Chai and Dr. Jian-Min Zhou
Congratulations to Dr. Jijie Chai and Dr. Jian-Min Zhou, winners of the 2023 Future Science Prize in Life Sciences in China! Drs. Chai and Zhou won this prestigious award for their discovery of resistosomes.
InterConnections: Get to Know Freddie King
Freddie King, Ph.D. student at Imperial College London, is the first author on a recent review published in MPMI summarizing mechanisms of perihaustorial effectors from oomycetes. Learn more about Freddie and how these proteins manipulate host immunity at the haustorial-plant interface.
InterConnections: Get to Know Kamesh Regmi
Kamesh Regmi and co-authors in the Innes lab at Indiana University Bloomington combined high-pressure freezing and freeze-substitution with serial block-face scanning electron microscopy to generate 3D models of the cytological events that occur during the susceptible interaction between Colletotrichum and Arabidopsis. Learn more about Kamesh and the study findings.
InterConnections: Get to Know Tom Waksman
Meet Dr. Tom Waksman, postdoctoral associate in the Bos lab at the University of Dundee, and first author of the recent MPMI paper "Computational Prediction of Structure, Function and Interaction of Myzus persicae (Green Peach Aphid) Salivary Effector Proteins." Waksman and co-authors used computational methods to predict functional properties of M. persicae effectors. Learn more.
In the latest MPMI Editor’s Pick, Zitong Yang et al. show how the Phytophthora sojae effector PsCRN108 suppresses plant immunity by inhibiting the expression of Heat Shock Protein (HSP) family genes, shedding light on a new mechanism by which CRN effectors manipulate transcription factors to impact immunity.
Listen to the What's New in MPMI Virtual Seminar presented by Hasna Boubakri on "A Nonspecific Lipid Transfer Protein with Potential Functions in Infection and Nodulation."
Check out the Job Center on the IS-MPMI website.

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