Special thank you to BASF
for sponsoring this award!


  • Nominees must have been in an independent, full-time research position for no more than seven years as of the date of the next IS-MPMI congress (time taken off for child-rearing does not count in this limit and other special circumstances may be evaluated at the discretion of the committee). 
  • The research forming the basis of the nomination must have occurred during the independent research phase of the nominee's career, typically within the last 6 years.
  • Typical nominees will be within 10-12 years of receiving their PhDs.
  • Student and Post-Docs are not eligible.
  • Attendance at the IS-MPMI Congress is required prior to receipt of award funds.


  • Recipient will receive $1,000 award from IS-MPMI   
  • Recipient will present a featured talk at the IS-MPMI Congress​

Previous Awardee

2019: Katharina Markmann