The IS-MPMI Award recognizes an outstanding senior investigator who has a high
international reputation as a research leader for groundbreaking and original research in the area of
molecular plant-microbe interactions. The award includes an honorarium of $1,000 and a featured presentation by the awardee during the IS-MPMI Congress. 

Nomination Process

Each member of the society may nominate one (1) candidate for the award (self-nominations are not allowed). Nominations should address the activities most relevant to the award, with a clear statement of the impact that the nominee has had in the molecular plant-microbe interactions field.
Please include the following documents in your nomination, in this order:
  • Short cover letter (not to exceed on​e page) that can provide additional insight into the significance of the contributions that is not given in the nomination statement. Multiple letters of support should not be provided for a candidate’s nomination.
  • Nomination statement as a short summary (up to 500 words) stating the basis for the nomination and should be succinct and document the relevance and impact of the candidate’s contributions to the advancement of knowledge regarding molecular plant-microbe interactions. 
  • CV of nominee with the ten (10) most significant publications of the nominee indicated with an asterisk.
Nominations must be submitted as ONE (1) portable document file (PDF file) saved as the nominee's last name, first name, followed by nomination (example: SmithTom_nomination.pdf). Each page in the PDF file should have the name of the nominee included in the page header.  

Nominations are currently closed. 

Past Awardees



Brian Staskawicz​
2019 Awardee


Sharon Long
2016 Awardee


Frederick Ausubel
2014 Awardee


Adam and Eva Kondorosi
2012 Awardees


Jeff Dangl
2009 Awardee


Thomas Boller
2007 Awardee